Introducing Erudito, a mini—game in your keyboard

updated on 2019-04-20

Pictures, videos, and audios are replacing written words in chats and social media. Written word should be first class. Nevertheless, here we are, sending emojis 🙄. We can do better. Wouldn’t be great if we could use more and better words to communicate?. We need to fight back!

You can learn new words and transmit an idea in a synthetic and precise way.

If you are reading this, probably you think that writing and improving your vocabulary are important. If you enjoy reading and writing, if you love words, I have a proposition for you:

What if you could play a mini-game while writing? Or maybe while you’re chatting with your friends on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram. Or why not by chatting with your boss or colleagues on Slack.

Writing should be is Fun

Erudito is a game built-in your iPhone keyboard that let you achieve bliss, joy, and nirvana. Joke aside, the goal is making writing fun again. Writing goes first. image

Don’t worry, you will not lose focus on your writing. Erudito is designed as a mini—game that rewards you when you write outstanding words. But without distracting you from your goal.

  • You write and play, simultaneously. The game will not disturb you.
  • Think about Erudito as a treasure hunt for words.
  • Or a treadmill for your writing.


It's a keyboard app that allows you to improve your vocabulary. Erudito challenges yourself and your friends to keep writing everyday, anywhere and earn experience points in the process.

Minimalist game with simple rules

  • Erudito is generous and it will give you XP (experience points) when you type infrequent words. The most common (frequent) words gives you few or no points, while the rarest and infrequent words reward you with a higher score.

  • If you write a sentence and more than 1 word has a score, you get bonus XP!.

  • The more you write, the higher you climb on the leaderboard.

  • Compete against others. Play cooperatively with friends as erudite teams and compete against other teams. [1]

[1]: This feature would be available soon

Play from any App


Because it is a keyboard extension for iPhone, it’s available from any app, and this is key to making the experience valuable, you can play with it from anywhere. Currently, Erudito works on your iPhone, which is your most ubiquitous device. In the future, other devices may be added: Android, Mac, PC, Linux?

What’s next?

I have other ideas to improve and grow Erudito, I will be rolling a roadmap soon, but first I need your help. For real. Would be great to talk to you. I need to know what you think. I need feedbacks since this is an experimental app probably the first and only keyboard game in existence.

If you are interested in trying Erudito, and helping to grow it. Subscribe to access Erudito Beta!

This document was last updated on 2019-04-20